Most people think that they must keep books only because the government requires them to do so. Well it is true, the IRS does require every business to keep a set of books. But there is a lot more to bookkeeping than taxes and tax law requirements. The real reason you want to keep a set of books is because you need the information to run your business. Your books are your only source of complete information about your business and a good bookkeeping system will provide you with information essential to the survival of your business. Only with a complete set of books will you be able to evaluate your business and make any needed changes and plans for the future. What sets me apart from my competitors is that I provide complimentary commentary and analysis of the results to aid you in the management of the operation. My main focus is to help you grow your business by allowing you to focus more on the marketing and production aspects.

Services I offer:

  1. Business and Personal Bookkeeping
  2. Reviews and compilations – financial statement preparation
  3. New Business Assistance – set up, training and support
  4. Payroll Preparation including annual and quarterly reports
  5. Information Reporting Preparation – 1099 Misc, W2/W3
  6. Easy communication using internet, phone, e-mail and fax
  7. Support for your in house bookkeeper on accounting and software issues
  8. In depth analysis of business operations, entity selection, profitability and break even points