Income Taxes

My approach to providing tax services focuses on protecting your financial interests. I recognize that you work hard for your money and I take pride in using my in depth knowledge of the tax laws to help you minimize your tax liability. My goal is to ensure that you receive every tax break to which you are entitled. I do not simply enter your data into tax software programs -you can do that yourself or have a friend or the tax preparation stores that spring up at tax season and are largely operated by rookies do that for you. Instead tax time is an opportunity for me to help you keep more of what you earn using my knowledge of tax law. The tax code is voluminous, the language can be incredibly confusing, the requirements for reporting are extremely precise and the penalties for getting it wrong can be quite severe. The last thing that we both want is for you to pay more than your share.

Remember that a tax return is only as good as the operator’s knowledge of what to enter, so essentially the tax preparation stores and tax programs present no real competition.

Services I offer:

  1. Tax return preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs’).
  2. Expert work at a fair and competitive price.
  3. Electronic filing and direct deposits of refunds.
  4. Easy communication through internet, phone, e-mail and fax.
  5. Assistance with selecting the right type of business entity and completing the paperwork.
  6. Year round tax planning and analysis for individuals and businesses.
  7. Experience in handling tax sheltered investments, gambling winnings and losses, sole proprietorship issues, rental properties, retirement plans, gifting and payroll tax problems.
  8. 1099 Misc, W2/W3 preparation.